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Announcing the 2016 edition of What Kids Are Reading

What Kids are Reading Cover
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The new edition includes top books and nonfiction articles for grades 1–12 as well as popular fiction and nonfiction books by college- and career-readiness text complexity grade bands. Based on data for 9.8 million students from 31,327 US schools who read over 334 million books and nonfiction articles during the 2014–2015 school year, the report also shares insights on key aspects of student reading practice, the state of nonfiction reading in the United States, and how student reading habits measure up to new text complexity expectations, such as:

  • High school students are selecting books to read at levels lower than materials they will be responsible for as adults and in workplace settings.
  • As states raise their academic standards, the impact of new expectations for nonfiction reading is seen nationwide.
  • Students who start the year behind but catch up to high standards by the end of the year do considerably more daily reading than students who do not make this leap.

Visit What Kids Are Reading on Learnalytics to download the report, customize book lists, and learn more.