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Welcome to Learnalytics

Welcome to Learnalytics
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Welcome to the Learnalytics website. Our goal is to leverage Renaissance Learning’s large and powerful educational databases of learning in order to provide insights into what students know, what they like, and how they learn. We are so pleased to share what we’ve learned from working closely with educators for three decades and from mining billions of data points.

It’s an exciting time. The explosion of ‘big data’ in business, health care, and other fields has allowed companies to better understand their customers and patients, and ultimately deliver to them more personalized solutions in less time. The impact on human learning could be even greater. As long as we treat student data carefully and protect privacy, and as long as we ask the right questions, we can use this information to personalize learning, accelerate growth, and close achievement gaps. Learnalytics is intended to serve as a public-facing view of some of the information we provide to K12 teachers about their students’ personal learning pathways, albeit with aggregated and anonymized data.

And now, a brief tour of Learnaltyics. First, there are three “tools” that allow you to interact with different types of data:

  • Growth & Achievement (Coming Soon)—Examine connections between student achievement and growth, compared to state proficiency standards.
  • What Kids Are Reading—Discover student reading behavior by grade, state, gender, and more via the world’s largest reading database.
  • Learning Progression—Explore an empirically validated learning continuum to find reading and math skills students are ready to learn.

Next, check back frequently to view periodic INSIGHTS from our team that summarize new findings about student learning via reports, infographics, blogs, and so forth. Finally, the DATA page summarizes the sources, sample sizes, and other information about all that is found on Learnalytics.

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Enjoy and explore.