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Growth & Achievement
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How do I help this struggling student catch up to his peers? What level of challenge is needed to keep this high-performing student on track? Is this student performing as would be expected at this grade level? With big changes around the bend this year for many state summative assessments, learning how to help students keep up or catch up to academic expectations may be more important than ever before. And even before this era of new tests, educators have always faced tough questions about how to understand student performance profiles and close achievement gaps.

We are pleased to present the most recent addition to Learnalytics—the Growth & Achievement tool. This tool presents a snapshot of the Renaissance Learning Dashboard and depicts performance for a hypothetical student who has taken a STAR Assessment. The widget allows educators to input subject, state, grade, and achievement level to see both a trend line of prior scores representing the student’s growth over time and a prism displaying future growth possibilities. The STAR scaled scores displayed relate to Student Growth Percentiles, which display against a backdrop of cut scores associated with proficiency categories on that student’s end-of-year state achievement test.

What sort of insight will you gain from this tool?