Most distinctive book by state
January 4 • 2016

Most distinctive book by state, 2016

What do we mean by “distinctive”? The most distinctive book in a state is not the most-read book for that state; rather it’s the book that ranks higher in popularity for that state than it does nationwide. Read more »

The state of STEM reading
December 31 • 2015

The state of STEM reading

There is a push in the field of education to encourage students to consider STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education and careers. Yet books with STEM topics are lacking greatly from students’ reading diets. Read more »

What Kids are Reading Cover
November 10 • 2015

Announcing the 2016 edition of What Kids Are Reading

The new edition includes lists of popular books and nonfiction articles for grades 1–12 as well as the top fiction and nonfiction books read per college- and career-readiness text complexity grade bands. Read more »

Subskill Mastery
August 25 • 2015

Subskill mastery per week impacts students’ math gains

While quality student math practice is important, quantity of practice is just as crucial. Academic learning time (ALT)—the time students spend on actual learning activities—has long been identified as critical to academic growth. Read more »

The Road to Math Proficiency
July 30 • 2015

The road to math proficiency is paved with basic facts mastery

Automatic retrieval of basic math facts is necessary for students to develop computational fluency, which in turn allows students to spend mental energy on more complex math problems. Read more »

Growth and Achievement Tool
June 16 • 2015

See the new Growth & Achievement tool

The Growth & Achievement tool depicts performance on STAR Assessments for a hypothetical student, displayed as a trend line of prior scores and a prism representing future growth possibilities.Read more »

Goal Setting
June 4 • 2015

How do teachers set reasonable goals for students?

Goal setting has long been viewed as an impactful exercise for improving performance in virtually any field, such as athletics, business, music, and so forth... Read more »

Going Deeper Cover
April 27 • 2015

Ensure that students are engaged in effective practice

With new standards placing additional academic demands on students and teachers alike, effective practice is more important than ever. Read more »

Most distinctive book by state
March 11 • 2015

Most distinctive book by state, 2015

Using the searchable What Kids Are Reading database, one can easily search for the most frequently read (i.e., popular) book in each U.S. state. We decided to explore a different take on the “it” book in each state. Read more »

What Kids Are Reading
March 11 • 2015

Students who read a lot with high comprehension experience more growth

In What Kids Are Reading: And Why It Matters, 2015, we examined the characteristics of daily independent reading practice to achievement growth for all students in grades 1–12. Read more »

Welcome to Learnalytics
March 11 • 2015

Welcome to Learnalytics

Welcome to the Learnalytics website. Our goal is to leverage Renaissance Learning’s large and powerful educational databases of learning in order to provide insights into what students know, what they like, and how they learn. Read more »